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Responsibility of the Operator:  ATI Tours gives notice that they act as booking agents for the persons or companies providing or offering the means of travel, transport, accommodation, course, or other services and all receipts, tickets, vouchers, coupons or exchange orders are issued subject to the terms and conditions under which the accommodation and other services are provided. The acceptance of such documents shall be deemed consent to all the conditions herein.

Liability: ATI Tours shall not be liable for any injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity that may be caused to person or property, however caused or arising, during any tour under its management, sponsorship, procurement or otherwise.

Ati Tours reserves the right to make changes with or without notice to or during the operation of programs arranged by us due to operational, climatic conditions, special events, or for any reasons beyond the control of ATI.

Further, itinerary and voucher descriptions are guaranteed with the exception of unexpected conditions which may include, but not llimited to, road closures due to weather, acts of God, safety concerns, changes to highway and road restrictions, and acts by third parties beyond the control of ATI.

Change of itineraries or accommodation:  should there be cause beyond control, i.e. climatic, holidays, strikes etc. ATI Tours or the provider of the tour, reserves the right to modify itineraries in the best way considered necessary, or to change any reservation and/or means of conveyance without notice, for any reason whatsoever, without allowance for refund. Should extra apply it will be incurred by the client.

Unused services or hotel stays will not be deemed as refundable upon client's return. 

Acceptance of Bookings: bookings are accepted, dependent on the availability of the services or accommodation required. The booking will be subject to the conditions stipulated by the service provider.

Kindly note that an administration fee of $30 will apply for requests for a one night only accommodation or minor service, such as a day tour or a transfer.

Deposit/Payments: for most regular services a minimum deposit of 10% will be required to secure the booking.  Package tours, resorts, apartments, villas, cruises and hotels during festivals and trade fairs will require a more substantial deposit or full payment as requested by the provider. 

Last minute bookings can be accepted with full payment upon partial or full confirmation of the itinerary, if payment is not met on due date ATI reserves the right to cancel the service.

Prices: prices are correct at the time of printing, but subject to change in the event of currency fluctuations.  Furthermore ATI has no control whatsoever in possible increases imposed by the proprietors, providers or providers of the service and in any such event the client will be liable for the difference in costs.

Non-refundable rates: some hotels offer more deeply discounted rates that carry a no refund policy. In the event that such rates are booked and the condition is accepted by the agent/or passenger, refunds are not possible at any time after the reservation is confirmed. An immediate payment should also be arranged upon receiving the invoice for same. 

Inclusions in the cost: Inclusions are stipulated in accordance with each individual service or package.  Should the information relevant to the service or part of, be misleading or equivocal, it is the clients responsibility to request clarifications prior to finalising the booking. 

Minimum age restrictions/bedding for children; it is the agent/or passenger's responsability to provide accurate ages for any children booked on an ATI Tours escorted tour. Note; not all programs will accept children under 7 years.  Any accommodation arranged for families with young children, may consider shared bedding with the parents. Please express your room type preferences at the time of booking. ATI Tours will accept no liability when children's details and ages have not been correctly provided. 

City tax; resort amenities and facilities fees, any local city taxes may not be included in the confirmed rate unless specified by ATI Tours.  Where possible, ATI Tours will provide information on expected additional charges although the city tax is now a standard charge especially for Europe properties and is payable by the passenger in local currency upon arrival. 

Passenger’s responsibility: the Passenger must ensure that all travel documents are valid and obtain any visa required in the country to be visited. Ascertain that the costs quoted may not include airport or embarkation port taxes. The Passenger is responsible for excess luggage charges, travel insurance, porterage (unless hotel porterage is included in the package booked). Also the Passenger is responsible for any optional service whilst touring or cruising, entry fees not included in the package, all personal services, such as beauty/health treatments, personal laundry, telephone calls, use of products from the room’s mini bar and room service.

Exclusive English only tours; our exclusive English language only tours may be transferred to a Multi-lungual tour in the event of extreme circumstances seen fit by the local supplier.  ATI Tours will atempt to ensure passengers are advised of any such changes prior to departure however in case it is an imminent departure date, ATI Tours can not guarantee a full or partial refund for the unforeseen change. 

Luggage: luggage and any personal articles carried by the client on any form of transportation, whilst on tour, are at all times and in all circumstances at the owner’s risk. Furthermore most service providers advise that whilst on tour one bag per person will be accepted, additional luggage may attract a supplement to be paid locally.

Airline tickets & tour departures: it is the full responsability of the agent /or passenger to ensure they have accurate city/hotel and time for tour departures prior to arranging airline tickets that may incur cancellation or change penalties.  ATI Tours web site is constantly updated however we recommend that such details are reconfirmed at the time of booking. ATI Tours will not accept airline penalty for incorrect flight arrangements.  

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Complaints: whenever possible, it is highly recommended that any complaint relevant to services and accommodation should be addressed directly with the hotelier or with whom the service has been booked.

Travel documents: it is the responsibility of the client to ensure that they are in possession of the proper travel documents including vouchers, travel documents which must be in compliance with current government and transportation companies’ regulations.

Cancellation by the client: for cancelled services by the client, ATI Tours will endeavour to provide the refunds, however the said refund will be subject to the cancellation policy stipulated by the property or the provider of the service and final reimbursement at ATI’s professional discretion.

No refund whatsoever will be provided for pre-booked tickets to any event or entry tickets to museums and galleries and for special discounted services which are classified as ‘not refundable’ once booked . 

The following scale of penalty charges is only indicative and pertinent to the above exclusions:-

70 - 60 days prior 10%

59 - 40 days prior  20%

39 - 30 days prior  30%

29 - 15 days prior  50%

16 - day of arrival/no show no refund

Missed service or part of:  ATI Tours will not apply full or partial refunds, for voluntary absences or involuntary delays in joining the services provided, including: missed meals, missed transportation (for private use to any venue or during the execution of a tour).   

Cancellation of service: should a service be withdrawn, modified, postponed or cancelled for reason beyond ATI’s control, the client will be offered an alternative choice. However if the alternative arrangements offered are not suitable, the full amount paid by the client will be refunded in full and upon the rendering of same, all liability of ATI Tours shall cease.

Insurance: ATI Tours recommends the purchase of a comprehensive travel insurance policy to cover against medical expenses, personal accident, loss or damage of luggage, loss of deposit and cancellation fees.

Errors and omissions: every care is taken to ensure the accuracy of this brochure at the time of printing.  However ATI Tours cannot be held responsible for omissions, misprints or typographical errors.

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City Taxes:  Several European cities have implemented a City Tax (this is in addition to the VAT) and usually it is paid directly to hoteliers and other lodgings such as apartments and villas.  ATI will endeavour to inform when city taxes are applicable. However many towns are following this tendency and we may not have been informed in time.

Dress Code: You are kindly reminded that shorts are not acceptable in most religious venues. Most European Restaurants also require gentlemen to wear slacks and sandals may be accepted but not thongs.

Costs and Validity:  all costs mentioned are in Australian Dollars.
































































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