2018 Spring in the Mezzogiorno

    2018 Spring in the Mezzogiorno

    Beniamino is a published author and Italian language teacher with over 40 years’ experience as an Italian chef and restauranteur. Travelling with Beniamino will enable you to interact with locals and experience the real Italy.

    Anne recently retired from a career in the law and senior management in a Crown company in New Zealand.  She has a passion for Italy and the Italian cuisine that she loves sharing with others!

    Full details of these tours can be found on the CONNECTITALIA-NZ website www.connectitalia-nz.com.

    Join Anne and Beniamino on the experience of a lifetime.

You will be personally looked after and take you to places where you can enjoy local delicacies and outstanding wine. Stay in first class accommodation and learn useful Italian phrases from Beniamino that you can put into practice. These are very special tours which will give you a real insight into Italian life and customs.

There will be two tours running back to back in May and June 2018.

The first, Primavera nel Mezzogiorno (Spring in the Mezzogiorno) explores some little known parts of Southern Italy, where Beniamino grew up.

The second Escursione ai Laghi di Lombardia (Excursion to the Lakes of Lombardia) starts and ends in Milano and focuses on the exquisite northern lakes.

“Travelling with Anne and Beniamino was really special - fun, interesting and enriching. With the combination of Beniamino's extensive knowledge of all things Italian and Anne's thoughtfulness and organisation we couldn't have asked for more.” Debbie

“It didn't feel like a "touristy tour" as there was plenty of flexibility and time for relaxation while also seeing the sights in a friendly and low key, but informed way. Very enjoyable highlights were the visits to the winery and cheese warehouse, where we experienced a real glimpse of local life. We are so glad we did this trip.” Bernie

“It was a fantastic tour of the North of Italy and because I have never travelled to Europe I took the opportunity to go with a group. We experienced the most incredible scenery, buildings, villages and towns full of history and beautiful architecture. We were guided by professional tour guides so we really made the most of our adventures.” Karen

“I had a marvellous time in Italy because there is so much to see and do! It is very difficult to choose just one highlight as there were so many. As a musician it was a joy to see a wonderful production of "Don Giovanni" at La Scala and to visit Cremona, home of the stringed instruments. I can honestly say that I loved every minute we were there. Sincere thanks to Anne and Beniamino for making this holiday possible and for all their hard work behind the scenes. If you have the opportunity to travel to Italy on one of their tours seize it with both hands! Italy is phenomenal!”. Marlys

“If you want to enjoy the Italy the Italians know, this is the tour for you. Your tour escort Beniamino comes from the Mezzogiorno and you will be immersed in Italian culture in all its varied aspects. You will stay in carefully chosen first class accommodation in out of the way places and travel in a comfortable private vehicle with your own driver. You will see some amazing historical sites and stunning countryside. As you enjoy local food and wine, you will learn the fascinating history of what you are eating and drinking. This is the experience of a lifetime.” Richard

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