Borghese Gallery & Gardens Tour


    Departs daily except Mon: Apr01-Oct31
    Time: 14.45 
    Meet: Borghese Gallery 
    Duration: 3 hours

Enjoy a skip the line visit to the Borghese Gallery with its inestimable collections which includes Bernini, Canova and Caravaggio masterpieces and a walk through the Borghese Gardens. One of Rome's richest and most interesting villas, the Borghese Gallery houses a vast and diverse collection of sculptures and paintings produced by masters such as Bernini, Canova, Caravaggio and Titian. Truly a magical setting in which the beauty of the art works, fountains and monuments commune with the rich and diverse flora of the vast surrounding park. In all a true pleasure for the senses. Your guide will lead you through the breathtaking rooms of the Borghese Gallery and reveal the secrets, stories and techniques behind the masterpieces. Then, you will go for an enchanting walk through the Borghese Gardens and enjoy the surprises and silence of this Eden in the heart of busy Rome. The tour ends with a breathtaking view from atop the Pincio terrace.
Inclusions: English speaking Guide, Borghese Gallery skip the line entrance ticket.
Note: The duration of the visit inside the Borghese Gallery is approx 2hours and the visit of the Borghese Gardens lasts approx 1hour. The tour involves a fair amount of walking, comfortable shoes are recommended. No bags are permitted in the Borghese Gallery. All bags must be checked in. No photography is permitted during the Borghese Gallery portion of the tour

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